raising the barnbarn

It all started with a Research Farm...

In 2013, an advisory board working with Partners Worldwide* built a Dairy Research Farm in Gulu, Uganda; one of the most war devastated areas of Africa. The goal is to model a new way of dairy farming for the people of Northern Uganda. Having seen the farm in their own community, the people’s desire to learn this way of farming has been overwhelming.

This increasing interest prompted the advisory board to consider establishing a special training centre that would utilize classroom teaching methods as well as hands on training. The students have options in training modules, which varies from 1-day to 1 month on how to create and manage a dairy farm, a crop farm, a machinery service center or any other type of related business. See Training Calendar.

Gulu Country Dairy Project also offer interns the opportunity to gain hands on experience by allowing them to help with certain tasks, such as animal feeding, and animal health.


*Partners Worldwide is a Christian organization with the mission to serve Christ and their neighbor by using business skills to create jobs and reduce poverty in the marketplace. Donations can be send to: Partners Worldwide, 6139 Tahoe Drive, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Please indicate that it is for the GUCD Training Center.