Training provides confidence

Opiy Masimo said the training enabled him to start his Dairy Farm with confidence.

Masimo Opiya, Director of Comboni Samaritans of Gulu, said the Gulu Country Dairy Farm has been a  real blessing for him.

He said he always had a love for animals and wanted to start his own dairy farm. His parents used to farm with Sebo cows and used to tell him stories about it. When the war came they lost everything. His father died, but they survived.

After completing university he started working for the NGO. But the love for animals remained. He wanted to learn more about dairy cows, and spoke to people in the District. Then one evening he saw Dr. Tonny Kidega on television, receiving a reward. He was very surprised to learn that the farm and training centre was right there in Gulu, where he lived as well.

Since he was working full time, the only time he could attend classes was on a Saturday. So he took a series of classes on Saturdays to learn more about animal nutrition and health. He said he found the classes so helpful that he even brought some of his neighbors along for the training.

Masimo says you need to have a passion for cows in order to take care of them. He says sometimes he checks on his animals three times a night. In return, this small dairy business has enabled him to support his children with school fees. Masimo’s enthusiasm for dairy cows did not stop with him. He also told his employers about it and got permission to do dairy farming on behalf of the NGO. They use this project to finance their mission project.


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