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dairy training at Gulu Country Dairy
Alex Icaya (dairy farmer) and Faith Adong (trainer at GUCD)

Faith Adong is the training administrator and teacher at Gulu Country Dairy Training Centre (GUCD). According to Faith the training benefits the community and is empowering the small dairy farmer in terms of new knowledge and modern dairy practices. Various training modules are available and varies from four weeks to one day.

Faith said she has seen an increase in the milk production among the dairy farmers who trained at GUCD. “For example, after taking the training, farmers have started introducing silage during the dry season to increase milk production and quality of milk. So now, the milk production stays more consistent over the different seasons.”

The revenue from the increase in milk production of those who received training at GUCD has helped to create wealth in the community. For example, children can now stay in school because parents can afford tuition. In the past many children were chased away from school due to non payment of fees. Parents can now also afford medical care in case of sickness and they can afford to eat three meals.

One farmer who has benefited greatly by the training he acquired at GUCD is Alex Icaya. He purchased his cows after completing the short course training. He said it gave him the confidence to proceed with his idea of having a few dairy cows. He learned how to make and prepare the silage to store for the dry season. He also learned more about cow health and cow comfort.

On whether he would recommend the training to other would be farmers, Alex said he is now assured of a daily income and would definitely recommend it. “In the past I struggled to get milk for my children. I would go to buy from someone and then at times they would be out of milk. Now I get enough milk for my family and I sell the rest. I love working with my cows, it is not a hardship, it is a passion. In the past I would go out and drink in the evenings. I think people drink because they are bored. Now, I stay home and work with the cows and I drink milk,” he said with a smile.


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