How to increase Milk Production and Reduce Calf losses

Dr. Tonny Kidega and Rev. Allan discussing how to reduce calf losses during a recent visit.

Dr. Tonny Kidega, Manager of GUCD, recently met with a local dairy farmer, Rev. Allan, in the Gulu District to discuss how to increase milk production and reduce calf losses.

Milk production during the dry season is always a concern for farmers, but there are some ways to keep production up by doing certain things, Dr. Kidega explained. One suggestion is to plant supplements during the rainy season, to feed during the dry months. In the training at GUCD, students will learn techniques on how to properly store for the dry months.

Rev. Allan has been a dairy farmer for a while and said her biggest concern is calf survival. Dr. Kidega stated that at GUCD they have not lost a single female calf in all the years he has been running it. He gave the farmer some ideas on how to improve on calf losses.  These protocols are part of the training curriculum offered by GUCD. Training is starting soon and various courses are available. See training calendar on website.

Farm visit near Gulu in January 2018

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