Milking routine at Gulu Country Dairy

Milking Cows at Gulu Country Dairy
Prep for milking

Susan Aciro, assistant to the veterinarian at Gulu Country Dairy, said the theory about cow management she learned in school was made more useful by the hands-on experience she gathered during the last 3 years at the dairy farm.

Currently twenty cows are being milked at GUCD. Susan said cow comfort is one of the things that is very important. For this reason she makes sure that the bedding is free of debris, sand is loose, and leveled with a slight slope, so that cows have a comfortable place to rest during the times they are not grazing. She said for the cow to lie in cow manure could be a potential cause of mastitis.

She said when the farmer is milking, he or she needs to be critical and monitor the cow for signs of distress. She said to look and see if the cow is eating well. The water needs to be clean,  fresh and cool at all times. When the animal has access to sufficient feed and cold water, milk production will increase.

Classes are starting soon for the hands-on training. If you are interested in learning more, please email the

stalls at Gulu Country Dairy
Clean stalls and bedding – cows need a comfortable place to rest.


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