Partnering with Paitok Farm

Nicholas Clarkson Okello at Paitok Farm
Nicholas Clarkson Okello at Paitok Farm

GUCD Entrepreneur Training Centre (ETC) is setting itself up to be a centre of excellence in training dairy managers and developing dairy enterprise not only in northern Uganda but in the East and Central Africa region.

The Paitok Farm is an example of a recent success. Gulu Uganda Country Dairy (GUCD) Project Manager was involved in the planning, designing and supervision of construction of the barn at the Paitok Farm, as well as the identification, procurement and receiving of the animals. GUCD ETC’s involvement in the development of the Paitok farm was twofold, first, the training of the manager, Mr. Clarkson Nicholas Okello, and second – the students who then participated in the preparation of the livestock feeds for the farm.

The GUCD project is set up to train the farmers in northern Uganda modern Dairy farming methods. This goal is reached by demonstrating through an active producing modern farm, training of potential managers, and ongoing research. As a modern farm it has been producing and supplying milk to Gulu municipality where there is a high demand from institutions, hotels and families. As part of this vision GUCD ETC was constructed and training started in June 2015 with 5 students. One of these students is Nicholas Clarkson Okello, who is now a manager of a new dairy farm in the south western part of Gulu district.

Nicholas Clarkson is continuing his education at GUCD ETC and shares the lessons he has learned and also identifies areas where he needs strengthening. He is already questioning some of the nutrition programs that the animals have been set in based on his knowledge acquired from the GUCD ETC and is looking at new ways to manage the cows.

Godfrey Omony, Administrator of GUCD ETC said: “We continue to provide our students with hands on skills in good dairy practices in nutrition, hygiene, reproduction and cow comfort. Paitok is one of the examples and we look forward to supporting more such initiatives by both entrepreneurs and institutions looking to start profitable dairy projects.”

3 thoughts on “Partnering with Paitok Farm

  1. It is really good to see that the farm is now “spinning off” into other farms – this is the way to start a Dairy Industry.

  2. Paitok dairy farm is one of the fastest growing farms in northern and the entire Uganda as a whole, using the limited available resources to maximise outputs in milk production. We are aiming higher and the sky is the limit.

  3. Paitok Dairy Farm is an insipiration to my wife as we set up our own in Hoima (mid-western Uganda) in fact we encouraged. We are building the barn at the moment, and we have three acres of corn for silage

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