Flexible Options at GUCD Dairy Business Training Centre

Which program is best for you?

The educational objective of GUCD Dairy Training Center is to nurture leadership and provide students with sustainable tools and business principles to provide a platform to put their ideas to action, and to start a business.


The first option is a comprehensive 4 week course to prepare students to operate a dairy business. The course is divided into two sections, each 2 weeks long with one week off in between. Housing and meals are provided. Students will learn the following:adding value

1. How to run a dairy farm as a successful business

2. How to feed your cattle for maximum milk production

3. How to care for your dairy cows for maximum production

4. What is a balanced ration and how does this ensure maximum production?

5. How to build a dairy facility to provide the best care for your dairy cows

6. Crop Production – what crops to grow and how to grow them effectively

7. How to turn your harvest into Silage and why this is so important. This course will provide you with many hands-on opportunities to see and put the concepts that you are learning into practice right here on our 20 cow modern dairy facility. Each graduate will receive a certificate when the course is completed.


The next option is a 5 day short-term module in eight core areas. This is a 5 day intensive course that will cover just one of the main topic areas of dairy farming. The course will run Monday – Friday. Housing & Meals are provided. Choose the area of farming that interests you the most. You may sign up for more than one class. Each weekly class will consist of classroom time but will also provide many opportunities for real hands-on learning right here on our 20-cow modern dairy farm. See the calendar for exact dates and topics, but some of the topics available are Crop Production, Feeding the Dairy Cow, Animal Husbandry & Breeding, and Dairy Farming as a Business.


This option is designed for farmers who desire some general training in modern dairy practices. The class will be held on Fridays and Saturdays (see calendar for exact dates) from 9am – 4pm. One meal will be provided. If attending both classes, overnight accommodation is available.

GUCD Training Center provides an environment for teaching Christian values of business and new profitable ways of farming. Gulu Uganda has lots of opportunity in the agricultural field, but it takes education to allow people to take the next step - and that is to help create jobs to address the high unemployment in the region.


Feeding a Dairy Cow

This intensive 5 day course will focus on the basic principles of dairy cow milk production. Students will learn why the quality and quantity of feed is so important to maximize milk production. During these 5 days students will have the opportunity to mix rations for dairy cows, examine and learn about what kinds of feed are best for cows as well as actually be involved in the herd.

Animal Husbandry and Breeding

This 5 day intensive course will focus on two key areas of dairy farming.

The first will focus on the daily care of a dairy cow. The student will learn about techniques to improve reproductive results, delivering and caring for newborn calves, and the importance of a dry cow program. Basic health concerns and proper treatments will also be addressed. The Gulu Country Dairy farm will enable the student to put into practice what they've learned.

The second part of the class will focus on how to improve genetic potential of dairy cows through animal selection and artificial breeding. This section will provide students with the tools to effectively manage an artificial breeding program and how to select cows for milk production.